Kindergarten Program

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A "Child's Garden" of Learning.

Kindergarten provides your child with an opportunity to learn and practice the essential social, emotional, problem-solving, and study skills that they will use throughout their schooling. The development of self-esteem is one of the important goals of Kindergarten. This is the process of helping your child feel good about who they are and confident in their ability to tackle the challenges of learning.

Glenwood Country Day School’s Kindergarten is a time for sparking and directing you child’s curiosity and natural love of learning!


& Emotional


Sense of

We all have different gifts, so we all have different ways of saying to the world who we are.

Mr. Rogers

Social Studies
Language Arts

The Kindergarten Social Studies program focuses on interrelated themes and uses an interdisciplinary/multisensory approach to help students learn about themselves and their family heritage, harvest time, Pilgrims and Native Americans, fire safety and Homes Around the World.

In Science, Kindergarten students increase their awareness of themselves and their natural surroundings through hands-on activities, simple laboratory experiences, and the development of basic scientific skills. Our curriculum covers Earth Science, Physical Science, and Life Science. Units at this grade level focus on magnets, air pollution and recycling, the five senses and the human body.

The Kindergarten Language Arts curriculum integrates reading, writing, listening, thinking, speaking, and language experiences with the goal of exciting children about literacy. The reading readiness program in Kindergarten is phonics-based and incorporate experiences rich in language and literature. The program’s initial approach to reading relies on letter knowledge and alphabet order, sound-spelling correspondences, and the blending of sounds into words. Recognizing words, understanding word meanings, and developing a sight vocabulary of the most frequently used words further prepares children to read. Student’s enjoy being read a wide variety of literature. Group discussions are important in building reading comprehension. Students begin the writing process by dictating stories for publication.

The Kindergarten Physical Education curriculum provides a variety of experiences for students with an emphasis on listening skills, fitness, body awareness, and cooperation. Classes include both movement exploration activities and noncompetitive group, partner, and individual activities. The program centers on helping children develop specific gross and fine motor skills, and as the year progresses, the children begin to use some of these skills in a variety of low-organizational games.

In Music, Kindergarten students develop a basic understanding of rhythm through beginning dance, movement, and singing, and by playing rhythm instruments. Finger plays and drama are included.

The Kindergarten Math curriculum uses an exploratory hands-on approach to help students reason and communicate mathematically, develop multiple problem solving strategies, and make mathematical connections. Computational practice is an integral part of instruction. Our program builds on previous experience, offers repeated exposure to mathematical concepts, incorporates technology and integrates math into ongoing daily routines across the curriculum with a special emphasis on Science and Social Studies.

Units in Kindergarten focus on reading, counting, and writing numbers to 100, skip counting by twos, fives, and tens, adding and subtracting through ten and with one from any number , understanding >,< and = based on counts, recognizing and making bar graphs, recognizing shapes, measuring in feet, telling time by the hour, estimating time, identifying and counting coins less than a dollar, and performing money exchanges.

  • I read to these friends every Tuesday and they are the most polite, caring and attentive children for this age group that I have ever worked with. Jeannie
  • Love the place, they treat my kids like family. Nick
  • When Mrs. Poland gave me a tour of GCDS, I felt like she was the owner of the school. Her compassion shown through. Beth
  • Being a resident of Columbia, it was refreshing to place my child at Summer Adventures Camp. Lee
  • It was refreshing to have my child at Summer Adventures Camp on 40 wooded acres. Jonathan
  • Having a class size of only 6 is why my child goes to GCDS. Jennifer
  • I just want to thank you and the rest of your team for a great first day for Emma and Jack. They had a wonderful time and I just wanted to thank you for caring for them and keeping them safe in these trying times. Krystal