As we closely follow the evolving situation around COVID-19, our goal is to keep the GCDS community informed at every step. The safety and health of our students is our top priority. Since COVID-19 began on March, 2020, Glenwood Country Day School HAS NOT closed one day due to the pandemic. By following our guidelines set forth by the CDC (Center for Disease Control), we were able to continue teaching our children in our community. We will continue to implement safe practices based on the current CDC guidelines.

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Pre-Kindergarten Program

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Preparing the Child for Kindergarten

The Pre-Kindergarten program provides a nurturing atmosphere where children learn to be curious, creative and questioning. Using a multi-sensory approach curriculum is engaging and customized to the individual child.

The students begin the day with Circle Time. For the remainder of the morning, children are placed into smaller learning groups for reading and math. Because a child’s social, emotional, cognitive, physical and language needs can vary greatly at this early age, children are grouped in a way that allows them to participate in the activities that are most developmentally appropriate.

In Pre-Kindergarten, a child develops skills that will be important for success in Kindergarten. Through work and play with manipulative’s, computer games, puzzles, hands-on activities, and games, students come to understand cause-and-effect relationships. Children develop the ability to discriminate between different sounds and different shapes and letters, they learn to rhyme words and identify patterns. Pre- Kindergarten students are also introduced to phonics and number concepts.


Support &

& Questioning

Cause & Effect

Children are not things to be molded. But people to be unfolded.

Jess Lair


Our Pre-Kindergarten curriculum encourages children to learn to work and play cooperatively within their peer group. Learning to share, take turns, communicate, listen follow classroom rules, and respect each other are important objectives, as is the development of independence and confidence in one’s own abilities.

Our Pre-Kindergarten curriculum helps young children expand their communication ability through the development of receptive and expressive language skills. Children are taught how to sequence events in a story. They memorize verses, participate in group discussions and learn to follow directions.

Through play and individual and group work. our Pre-Kindergarten students further develop the coordination of their large and small muscles. Our Physical Education program includes time for both movement exploration and noncompetitive group activities that focus upon the sequential development of listening, fitness, coordination and cooperation.

Music is a part of the everyday program in Glenwood Country Day School’s Pre-Kindergarten. Our curriculum encourages the development of listening skills, auditory discrimination ability, and pattern awareness through movement, use of rhythm instruments, and singing. Some performance and sharing is encouraged as these young children learn to enjoy music and drama.

  • I read to these friends every Tuesday and they are the most polite, caring and attentive children for this age group that I have ever worked with. Jeannie
  • Love the place, they treat my kids like family. Nick
  • When Mrs. Poland gave me a tour of GCDS, I felt like she was the owner of the school. Her compassion shown through. Beth
  • Being a resident of Columbia, it was refreshing to place my child at Summer Adventures Camp. Lee
  • It was refreshing to have my child at Summer Adventures Camp on 40 wooded acres. Jonathan
  • Having a class size of only 6 is why my child goes to GCDS. Jennifer
  • I just want to thank you and the rest of your team for a great first day for Emma and Jack. They had a wonderful time and I just want to thank you for caring for them and keeping them safe in these trying times. Krystal
  • We want to thank you for your hard work in creating engaging lessons and meeting with students every day. As a teacher, I know how difficult it is to facilitate meaningful interaction with students in the current circumstances. Evelyn looks forward to circle time and loves watching your videos every day. Scott and Katherine
  • I've said it before to Mrs. Poland, but I'll say it kids LOVE camp. I asked Ollie all kinds of questions on Saturday about it and he was getting very excited about everything he was telling me. He loves lunch outside. He also told me this weekend that he hurt his leg, but it was ok, Mrs. Harp would clean it and make it better at camp. Vivian usually dreads the idea of swim lessons, but because of camp, she thinks maybe she could handle swim lessons, and when I ask her if there is anything she doesn't like at camp, she told me she likes everything! Thank you for all of your hard work! Katie
  • I can't believe we're already signing up for the last week :( We are all so sad to see camp ending after next week. The kids really enjoyed it - they loved the activities and their teachers. Thanks for putting on a great camp, especially considering the pandemic! Erin
  • Ms. Poland, Following up with you via email after our parent/teacher conference last night. We want to thank you and the entire staff at Glenwood Country Day School (GCDS) for enduring the risk of the current pandemic by providing in-person education to our daughter. This summer, she was a rising Kindergarten student with learning delays with her speech. The virtual experience of the Spring of 2020 turned her off from learning and we saw her regress. We made the decision to enroll her in GCDS's Kindergarten program in the Fall of 2020 and it was the best decision we ever made. Our little girl, who was struggling with learning and turned off from the concept of online school, is now flourishing. Every day she is excited to go to school and most importantly her learning and comprehension is on par with other Kindergarten students. The other night, she read a sight word book to us and the look of pure joy and satisfaction on her face was something we will never forget. We are tremendously grateful to you and the rest of the GCDS staff for helping our daughter find her confidence and desire to learn. With many thanks, Matt & Tess Wiley Matt and Tess
  • Thank you for an amazing school year- the kids had a blast and learned so much! You guys are really awesome! Kristen
  • Thank you GCDS! When all other schools were virtual or hybrid this year, you made the courageous decision to go fully in person 5 days a week! And we made it through a whole school year with no COVID closings! On behalf of all working parents, THANK YOU!!!!! Darren
  • Hi Mrs. Poland, I wanted to let you know we are going to get a head start on our traveling for the 4th of July weekend. So the boys will not be at camp on Friday. I want to thank you & everyone at the camp! The boys are having a BLAST and we will definitely be back next summer!!! Stay cool, Kelly
  • Thanks to you and your great staff for once again doing a great job keeping our kids engaged and safe. Darren
  • I'm glad that Mr. Dameon will be continuing at the school. Our daughter talks about him a lot and it's clear to us that she really enjoyed being around him. Kudos to you, Ms. Poland and Mrs. Stradling, for putting together a rockstar team. Adam and Nicole
  • Hi Mrs. Poland, My son had a great experience at Glenwood Country Day Camp this summer. It was his first summer at the camp and he didn't know anyone. After the first day, he felt very comfortable and met lots of friends. He enjoyed swimming, crafts, and field time. He can't wait to come back next summer and I'm looking forward to my youngest child being able to enjoy camp at Glenwood as well! Thank you! Kori