As we closely follow the evolving situation around COVID-19, our goal is to keep the GCDS community informed at every step. The safety and health of our students is our top priority.

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Preschool Program

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Fostering Learning & Developing Potential

Young children learn with all of their senses. That’s why our Preschool program uses a multi-sensory approach to create hands-on experiences for the children to explore and discover their environment. GCDS two and three year old program includes all aspects of learning integrated into fun and play so that children can develop socially and emotionally while gaining skills that will take them forward as they mature.

In our preschool program, your child will be working on skills such as listening, fine and large motor skills, and color and shape recognition. They also start learning letters using a whole-body approach. All activities are hands-on and are designed for your child’s ability level.


Multi-Sensory Approach

& Discovery

Integrated Play

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.

Albert Einstein


A two and three-year-olds natural desire for independence is fostered by providing them opportunities to demonstrate their growing skills, such as flipping on their coats, learning to put on their own shoes, and potty training. Consistency is very important and thus having the same routine each day is essential at GCDS.

Two and three year-olds expand their language skills each day by listening to books, answering simple questions about the book, singing songs and learning new finger plays. Our curriculum encourages children to work and communicate with one another, which helps them to broaden their vocabulary and enhance their social skills.

During physical education, two and three year olds enhance the development of their large and small muscles by doing activities such as running, jumping, climbing, balancing, and throwing balls. Our program includes activities that focus on the development of listening, fitness, coordination and cooperation.

The children are exposed to music each day through listening to multi-cultural music, dancing, singing, and using rhythm instruments. They also perform songs in front of small crowds several times a year.

At Glenwood Country Day School, we foster each child’s creativity. They get the opportunity to explore many different art materials and use their imagination to make a creation out of it. They enhance their fine motor muscles by stroking, squeezing, squishing, scribbling and smearing.

  • I read to these friends every Tuesday and they are the most polite, caring and attentive children for this age group that I have ever worked with. Jeannie
  • Love the place, they treat my kids like family. Nick
  • When Mrs. Poland gave me a tour of GCDS, I felt like she was the owner of the school. Her compassion shown through. Beth
  • Being a resident of Columbia, it was refreshing to place my child at Summer Adventures Camp. Lee
  • It was refreshing to have my child at Summer Adventures Camp on 40 wooded acres. Jonathan
  • Having a class size of only 6 is why my child goes to GCDS. Jennifer
  • I just want to thank you and the rest of your team for a great first day for Emma and Jack. They had a wonderful time and I just want to thank you for caring for them and keeping them safe in these trying times. Krystal
  • We want to thank you for your hard work in creating engaging lessons and meeting with students every day. As a teacher, I know how difficult it is to facilitate meaningful interaction with students in the current circumstances. Evelyn looks forward to circle time and loves watching your videos every day. Scott and Katherine
  • I've said it before to Mrs. Poland, but I'll say it kids LOVE camp. I asked Ollie all kinds of questions on Saturday about it and he was getting very excited about everything he was telling me. He loves lunch outside. He also told me this weekend that he hurt his leg, but it was ok, Mrs. Harp would clean it and make it better at camp. Vivian usually dreads the idea of swim lessons, but because of camp, she thinks maybe she could handle swim lessons, and when I ask her if there is anything she doesn't like at camp, she told me she likes everything! Thank you for all of your hard work! Katie
  • I can't believe we're already signing up for the last week :( We are all so sad to see camp ending after next week. The kids really enjoyed it - they loved the activities and their teachers. Thanks for putting on a great camp, especially considering the pandemic! Erin